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[EV0104] Collaboration Skills


Our youth lives in a world facing complex problems and they have to think and care about solving these problems. Resolving serious issues can be a difficult task to be tackled individually. Clearly, our students will need to develop teamwork skills in an international, multicultural setting.

All resources prepared under our project emphasize the importance of working together while addressing climate change-related,  water resources or the environmental problems in general. We stressed the need for cooperation between all stakeholders, both nationally and globally. For example, when transboundary river resource management is planned and implemented, it is necessary to involve all the countries located in the area of ​​this river basin. 

It is inefficient when different sectors separately plan the development of the same water resource. And finally, we must not forget to consider the interests of the ecosystems that operate on this water.

The selected five themes provide a unique opportunity to implement collaborative projects with one class or different levels of the same school, with different schools, schools and community representatives, and with schoolchildren from other countries. We can start developing collaboration skills with our students from school.

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