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[EV0603] Assignment: Project ideas, planning and Execution


This section of the Course is the longest to pass and it is about how you would create and execute a learning activity in your own class. You should plan a learning project and use materials provided in this course (animated videos, brochures). Only after completing the activity with your class, you can move to the next lesson with is filling self-reflection questionnaire.

You can use these exercises as examples or design your own ideas.

Assignment for III-V Grades

  • Together with your friends think what each of you can do to reduce water contamination. Discuss it with your classmates in a discussion facilitated by your teacher.
  • Resolve to remove litter and reduce your waste footprint. Make a list of all the single use or other disposable items you choose not to use in a week. Encourage your friends to monitor their use as well.

Assignment for VI-VIII Grades

  • Discuss with your classmates whether the water is polluted in the area where you live (in your village, town, or in the streets). Describe sources and how pollution occurs in your area.
  • Explore some ideas with your friends that will help reduce water pollution in your area.
  • Share your opinions in your class and discuss them with your classmates and teacher.

Assignment for IX-XI Grades

  • Discuss and analyze what kind of environmental pollution the industrial/agricultural/household sectors in your city can cause.
  • Provide examples of types of pollution in the area where you live. Finally, prepare presentations (infographics) and discuss your findings with your teacher and classmates.
  • Discuss with your classmates how water contamination can be avoided in your immediate surroundings and local environment.
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