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[EV0203] Assignment: Project ideas, planning and Execution


This section of the Course is the longest to pass and it is about how you would create and execute a learning activity in your own class. You should plan a learning project and use materials provided in this course (animated videos, brochures). Only after completing the activity with your class, you can move to the next lesson with is filling self-reflection questionnaire.

You can use these exercises as examples or design your own ideas.

Assignment for III-V Grades

  • Find the Earth’s big river basins on either the printed or electronic map and write down their names. Where are these basins located?
  • Find the Kura River basin and compare it with the big river basins you have located.
  • Think about and name the different types of water users that you think are present in the basin of the Kura River.
  • In your opinion, which of the users should have first access to water if enough isn’t available for all of them? Why? Discuss this with your classmates while your teacher facilitates.

Assignment for VI-VIII Grades

  • Use the map and locate major river basins and their sub-basins in Georgia and Azerbaijan.
  • Use the map to locate Georgia’s and Azerbaijan’s transboundary rivers.
  • Choose a river basin in Georgia or Azerbaijan on the map and identify the users of this river basin.
    Make a list of the stakeholders that you think should participate in solving the issues related towater use within the basin area. Share your opinions with your classmates. Discuss the issue withyour classmates and your teacher.

Assignment for IX-XI Grades

  • Together with your classmates choose a river basin and discuss who the water users are in this river basin.
  • Identify the stakeholders who should be involved in the water resource management process (take into consideration the transboundary context, when necessary).
  • With the assistance of your teacher distribute the roles of the river basin stakeholders among the class and try to develop a simple plan of river basin resources management based on your discussions and consensus achieved. What components should a river basin management plan have? Make a presentation of the plan you developed.
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