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Rational use of


Online courses for schools, businesses, local government and community about water rational use.

Review courses in your  language and start learning.

Why we decided to create online courses?

Human activity and climate change impact on water all over the globe. All living creatures on Earth are under the risk. Amount, as well as quality of water we consume require immediate attention from not only from states but all of us.

The course outlines key problems and challenges we all face due to climate change and human activity.

The course will help you come up to ideas and solutions to the problems; guide to through the possible scenarios.

The course instructions show to how to create motivation for your students or peers, and design respective activities.

How to choose a course suitable for me?

Make a difference

Learn more and learn deep about the water rational use. It is important to know what are underlying problems, so that we can act respectively.

Define your profile

On this website, you can find different courses. One course is for teachers who want to implement learning projects in their classes. Another course is for anyone who is committed to use water rationally.  The rest courses are for students.

Register on the website or just audit

You can audit the courses without registration; you will be able to see all content (videos, animations, reading materials) but won’t be able to pass quizzes. If you want to get a completion certificate, you will need to register on the website.

Start learning and executing assignments

In the course you will find content and instructions on water rational use. The course consists of several topics and each has concrete assignment to complete. Teachers are guided to create learning projects with their classes in different grades.



“Our ancestors knew less about the science but the knowledge they have gained through observation and practice allowed them to build a comprehensive understanding of interlinkages between water and surrounding environment. This knowledge defined traditions and customs of nature and water stewardship. “Do not harm” was the main guiding principle of the behavior of our ancestors in relation to nature, including water resources.”

The Kura Box – Learning Toolkit

Get Involved

Everyone can make a difference.  You can start with small steps and show people around you that with little effort big changes are possible. Get some ideas from our courses.