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[EV0503] Assignment: Project ideas, planning and Execution


This section of the Course is the longest to pass and it is about how you would create and execute a learning activity in your own class. You should plan a learning project and use materials provided in this course (animated videos, brochures). Only after completing the activity with your class, you can move to the next lesson with is filling self-reflection questionnaire.

You can use these exercises as examples or design your own ideas.

Assignment for III-V Grades

  • Try to think of other ways to save water in everyday life.
  • Share your ideas for ways to save water with your classmates.
  • Discuss the ways to save water with your parents at home, and ask your teacher to facilitate a class discussion to share ideas.

Assignment for VI-VIII Grades

  • Think of examples of ecosystem services, the benefits which humans receive from nature. Try to classify these benefits, and if necessary, ask your teacher for help.
  • Discuss how water pollution impacts availability of water for human needs or for ecosystem needs.

Assignment for IX-XI Grades

  • Obtain information on the internet about the Aral Sea catastrophe and discuss the causes and effects of its degradation with your classmates. Make a poster or informational graphic (presentation/info graph) in the classroom detailing issues impacting the Aral Sea and how these concerns were caused.
  • Discuss water saving opportunities (including technologies) in agriculture, households, and industry with your friends and classmates. Understand the main issues hindering utilization of these opportunities.
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