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The online course on sustainable water resources management includes the following topics:

  1. Geography of the river basin 
  2. Climate change and water
  3. Rational water use
  4. Life in water and water in ecology
  5. Protection of water quality 

Video animations and brochures are prepared on each topic for students, as well as video lectures and text for teachers on how to prepare and conduct learning activities based on these resources.

Most of the content of the video lectures is well known to teachers and the main goal is to help them easily summarize the most relevant issues today and think about what activities can be planned for students to develop knowledge constructs and necessary skills.

Learning path

The course is compiled as cycles. During each cycle, the teacher must plan and carry out at least one learning activity (learning project, complex assignment, etc.), and only after completing this activity and completing the relevant questionnaire, move on to the next cycle where the same process goes, but on a different topic.

Self-reflection questionnaire is designed not to test the teacher’s knowledge, but for actualization of it and is not an assessment tool. We do not test your knowledge with this questionnaire, therefore there are no right or wrong answers in it. You just have to reflect on the activity done with your students. Completion of the questionnaire is necessary to earn the points required to obtain a certificate, for which you must be registered on this website.

Learning animations and brochures are prepared for students of three age groups (grades III-V, grades VI-VIII, grades IX-XI) and are intended as a learning resource in different subjects.

Completing an online course can take an entire semester (or even a year) if the teacher completes all the activities in a consistent manner. However, you can combine the materials, select the topics and resources you want, and plan the learning process on your pace.

After passing all the modules, the teacher will automatically receive a certificate; and a student certificate template.

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