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[EV0303] Assignment: Project ideas, planning and Execution


This section of the Course is the longest to pass and it is about how you would create and execute a learning activity in your own class. You should plan a learning project and use materials provided in this course (animated videos, brochures). Only after completing the activity with your class, you can move to the next lesson with is filling self-reflection questionnaire.

You can use these exercises as examples or design your own ideas.

Assignment for III-V Grades

  • Together with your teacher learn how greenhouse gases are produced and how they are emitted into the atmosphere.
  • Think about how it is possible to reduce unnecessary energy consumption in your daily life, consequently reducing emissions of greenhouse gases.
  • Share your opinions with your family members, friends and teachers, as well as discussing them among yourselves, and then take action.

Assignment for VI-VIII Grades

  • Discuss the natural and anthropological (i.e. man-made) causes of greenhouse gases. Among these, which cause do you consider to be the most significant?
  • Together with your classmates discuss and analyze impacts of climate change on future of your town. Prepare a presentation for the class. Together with the teacher discuss what can be done to reduce/avoid a negative impact of climate change on your town and take action.

Assignment for IX-XI Grades

  • Think of some measures you can take individually, with regard to your water use, to adapt to climate change.
  • Think of measures you can take individually with regard to water resources where you live, to mitigate climate change.
  • Prepare group presentations with your classmates on steps community stakeholders can take to mitigate the effects of climate change where you live and present your ideas in discussion facilitated by your teacher.
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